SD-WAN is a WAN transformation that allows companies to use various Internet Service Providers (in the form of cable, DSL, LTE, etc.) to augment or replace their current WAN connections (often MPLS). It opens the door for faster WAN provisioning and the ability to use multiple WAN paths at the same time by connecting locations to multiple internet services. Should performance decline across one path, the SD-WAN CPE connecting to the WAN can divert traffic to a better performing path. The more paths available, the more likely SD-WAN appliances can find a path that matches the performance characteristics of the given application.

SD-WANs are a powerful alternative to MPLS, but organizations need to take care that their agility doesn’t come at the expense of management overhead. Finding and managing all the ISPs to make your SD-WAN perform is a full time job – Bandwave takes away the guesswork and burden of deploying an SD-WAN across the enterprise.

  • We find the right ISPs for your location
  • We seek out the best match in hardware solutions for your project – highlights of our Peplink partner certification here
  • We manage the deployment and implementation
  • We take on the management and billing headaches of running multiple providers.
You receive only one bill and Bandwave ensures that all of your ISPs are paid and services are delivered as promised. More importantly, if there’s a problem, you simple call us, not each individual ISP.