Broadband Aggregation

Bandwave is a true Broadband Aggregator, partnering with all available carriers to get you the best connection to meet your business requirements. We have the footprint to provide broadband aggregation services through Cable, Fiber & Ethernet, 4G Wireless, and Traditional Telco wherever you need them. We guide you to the best solution for each of your company’s locations. Whether the connection is primary, backup, or even a small, remote site —  we manage them all for the cost of the circuit.

What We Deliver


Our expertise enables optimum broadband network value for enterprises with multiple sites to manage, monitor, and support. We design and manage a custom solution to provide the high bandwidth network connections critical to your sites—without any hassle. We can also manage your existing connections; you own your network, and we manage it for you!



The account for each connection remains in your company’s name, even when consolidated billing is purchased so this gives you full ownership over your network! Your company is then considered a direct customer of Bandwave Systems, making us the only contact point you need for placing orders, obtaining technical support, and any billing inquiries.  Add or delete connections as you need to along the way.



Once we have all your locations in our system, sites can be managed according to your preference; we can start by managing existing sites only, future sites only, both, or a desired combination of locations. Multiple connections or locations can be processed at the same time or in bulk, and they can also be scheduled to install at similar target dates.  The choice is yours!


Cost Effectiveness

The major cost benefit of utilizing Bandwave Systems’ services is that it is considerably less expensive than hiring staff internally to manage the same processes. It could be costing your company significantly more in employee salaries and time every year just to manage all your broadband connections and to interact with underlying ISPs; we could be doing that work for you at a much better price!


Customer & Support Service

Our staff is available 24/7 to handle your ordering, billing, or support requests.

Rest easy knowing the status of your connections by accessing our customer portal or by calling at any time. We set ourselves apart from other ISPs because we strive to live answer every call, and we accept email correspondence where others don’t. For more on our Broadband Management Support Services click the link