Have a burning question for us but don’t have the time to ask?

We’ve compiled some of the more frequent questions we get from customers, agents and prospects here.  Still don’t see your question answered here?  You can always drop us a line or give us a call – just head on over to the Contact Us page for more information.
What markets do you serve?
Bandwave has customers all over North America as well as Internationally.  One of our key differentiators is that we specialize in serving geographically distributed enterprises with multiple sites using a wide variety of WAN technologies. By design, we are nimble and flexible enough to provide the same services and support effectively, anywhere and everywhere.
What carriers do you support?
Bandwave prides itself on being able to offer the best connectivity to enterprises based on their location and requirements.  In short, we support everyone!
Does Bandwave provide unified billing and/or customized billing?
Yes, we provide both!  Bandwave consolidates all the carriers you designate into one bill – even if they are pre-existing networks!  We then also provide for a customized billing format to accommodate your specific business needs.
Do you provide 24/7 Support?
Yes!  Once a connection is installed and active, we begin to monitor 24/7.  You can find more on our support deliverables here.
What market verticals and companies do you serve?
There are no markets we don’t serve, but click here for a cross section of some of the multi-site industries we’ve worked with.
Is there a site # minimum to do business with Bandwave?
No, but we have found that enterprises with more site locations reap bigger benefits from utilizing Bandwave’s services – more sites, bigger headaches!
What other Services beyond Broadband Aggregation do you provide?
In addition to the One Contract, One Bill, One Support Team services we provide, we deliver specific solutions related to your Broadband implementation such as SD-WAN; 4GLTE; Remote Teleworker Solutions; and Guest WiFi.
Do you provide Network Design Consultation?
If Network Design help is something you need, Bandwave network engineers have the skills and knowhow of over 17 years in the business to get you an optimal infrastructure.
Do you take over the management of our network completely?
We will manage as little or as much of your network as you want us to!
What if we need to move or close locations?
This is where Bandwave shines!  Bandwave works with you to figure out the best solution for your new location and gets the contract, billing and support transitioned seamlessly.