Technical Support

We take pride in our ability to live-answer 99% of our incoming calls, including technical support requests. Opening a ticket is as simple as a quick phone call, sending an email, or filling out the “open a ticket” form. Support is included with all of the connections we provide; troubleshooting your broadband is our responsibility. This frees up time, reduces stress, and lets you use your IT resources more effectively.

Network Monitoring

a sample graph from our cloud based monitoring system, which we use to provide unparalleled broadband technical support

Once a connection is installed and active, we begin to monitor 24/7. Our cloud-based monitoring platform allows us to gather accurate metrics on latency, packet loss, bandwidth utilization, system uptime, and more. This information is vital to effectively troubleshooting potential issues with your connections — no other provider will give you direct access to detailed information like this, and we can even provide customized automatic notifications.

Our monitoring capabilities extend beyond responsive technical support; we proactively respond to issues before they become problematic to the end user. We are also able to provide customized monitoring of your internal equipment for things like CPU load, VPN interface status, and more.

Web Hosting & E-Mail

Bandwave offers a basic web hosting package with built-in support and administration. Managing emails is easily performed through our hosting portal or with a quick call.