Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi Solutions

By today’s standards, WiFi access when you visit a retail store or attend a business meeting is nothing new, but how you utilize this service is changing.  Did you know that data collection and data pushing applications – bundled with analytics – can help keep you better informed on both business trends and customer habits? Businesses of all shapes and sizes are expected to provide WiFi access to their customers and visitors on site.  Don’t miss out on the valuable marketing data that wireless hotspots let you easily obtain. Utilize custom splash screens, diverse security configurations, end-user support, as well as a wealth of additional features for information gathering.

Bandwave helps from start to finish to determine what services are right for your business needs.  We oversee the site surveys and installation of your broadband connection and WiFi, along with any supporting components required.

Additional Wi-Fi benefits:

  • Data collection/Data pushing apps- keep you informed on customer habits and business trends as they happen
  • Dedicated secure connection for both employees and customers

But we don’t stop there! We also manage the entire support lifecycle, including:

  • monitoring,
  • proactive support,
  • any upgrades or changes.