Leadership Team

Our staff is dedicated to the vision of better network management through broadband aggregation. Read up on our leadership team and contact us today!


  • Tom Azelby
  • Managing Partner
  • (609) 699-4255
  • Tom Azelby's LinkedIn profile
  • Tom is one of the founding partners of Bandwave Systems, established in 2000. Since its inception, Tom has actively managed Bandwave’s strategic vision and growth into the multi-site enterprise market. Tom’s top priority has been focused on expanding the Bandwave broadband footprint on a Global scale and today offers services in over 180 countries.  Since 2000, Tom’s dedication and determination have successfully driven the company to celebrate significant growth and accomplishments to date.


  • George Allgair
  • Managing Partner
  • (609) 699-4247
  • George Allgair's LinkedIn profile
  • George is one of the founding partners of Bandwave Systems and oversees the development  and management of Bandwave’s extensive national partner program, which is at the core of Bandwave’s success.  Taking the lead on training and executive alignment for all new product launches, George has been pivotal in establishing Bandwave’s nationwide footprint for aggregating Broadband services of all types.


  • Adil Zaidi
  • Director of Operations
  • (609) 699-4265
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  • Adil manages Bandwave’s technology center, overseeing both order provisioning and technical support. He and his team respond to, and often preempt, customer service requests. His team leads the day-to-day project operations and customer communications. Adil strives to ensure our services integrate seamlessly with our customers, enabling us to act as an extension of their team.


  • Bobbie Jean Sauter
  • Marketing & Communications Manager
  • (609)953-6921
  • Bobbie Sauter's LinkedIn profile
  • Bobbie manages and oversees all of Bandwave’s public relations, marketing and branding activities as well as corporate communications.


  • Chris Hartman
  • Support Desk Supervisor
  • (609) 318-0172
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  • Chris takes lead on our technical support team. He works tirelessly to address network issues, often before they are even detected by our customers. Chris addresses all support cases in a thorough, personalized manner.



  • Heather Rambert
  • Technology Specialist
  • hrambert@bandwavesystems.com
  • (609) 699-4259
  • Heather Ramberts's LinkedIn profile
  • Heather takes lead on qualifying locations for new services and providing customized quotes in a timely manner unmatched by other service providers.  Heather works with our executive team to ensure that the finer details are handled on single-site and multi-site requests alike. Heather also manages other account administration needs, such as upgrades and changes to existing service.


  • Jeremiah Shore
  • Technology Specialist
  • (609) 699-4261
  • Jeremiah Shore's LinkedIn profile
  • Jeremiah maintains our information systems and ensures that the technical demands of our internal and customer teams are accommodated. He works diligently to acquire and integrate the best technologies to better serve our team and customers into the future. Jeremiah also assists with technical support, offering assistance where a specialized or expedient response is required.