4G Wireless

4G LTE Wireless

Our 4G wireless connections come with full-featured equipment managed directly by Bandwave. This allows us to deliver the absolute best service at a great price. No other broadband carrier can deliver robust 4G connections faster than we can!

Our 4G Wireless connections are great for…

  • fast and reliable bandwidth that works for primary or backup networks, locations in difficult service areas, and more
  • redundant pathways through multiple cellular networks and metropolitan wireless networks; a great choice to back up MPLS and Ethernet networks
  • any area that receives a wireless data connection—proprietary paddle antennas improve signal for all installations, and we can deploy an all-weather antenna on the exterior of your building to further improve signal and range
  • temporary connections to be used until your primary connection can be installed
  • disaster recovery and emergencies where timely repairs are not feasible

The Bandwave team will help you…

  • locate multiple bandwidth options
  • coordinate surveys and installation
  • consolidate billing and management
  • proactively monitor and support